Effective communication is essential in building your brand and being successful as a leader in any field. It is almost impossible to lead an organisation or build a business without being able to put your points across concisely and with purpose.

This package is for people in mid-senior leadership positions and c-suite.

Dr Simi was thrust into senior leadership in 2013 and has spent years building her speaking skills.

This will comprise of 4-6 sessions one-hour sessions and can be purchased as an add on to the leadership package or stand alone.

Session 1

Explore the role of speaking in your current leadership role. Go over your pre-course questionnaire. Visualise where you see your speaking skills at the end of the strategy sessions. Prepare a speech for the next session.

Session 2

Give a 3-minute speech of any topic of your choosing. Feedback on the speech and then delve into today’s session on effective communication.

Session 3

Non-verbal communication. This session delves into the tips and tricks of establishing your presence and enhancing your speaking using facial expressions, hand gestures and movement.

Session 4

Wrap up speech about a topic of your choice. Discuss sessions, feedback and plan.

Two further check-in calls can be added for sessions 5 and 6 if needed