“Ageing begins the minute we are born.”

Ageing is a fact of life and starts as soon as you take your first breath. It is a privilege to go through various life stages from infancy to adolescence and adulthood. The aim of this article is not to teach you how to stop ageing but to go through life stages feeling amazing every day. I had a Twitter space with Tonya, a longevity specialist and Dr Kumar to discuss this.

Staying younger for longer means you have the energy to do all you want to do, your memory, alertness and creativity do not wane, your skin looks and feels amazing and you retain your libido till the end of time! This means learning daily about what is right for you. No two people will have the same journey, however, there are basic principles that you can adopt and some bio-hacking strategies that need time, energy and money.

There are three stages you must go through:

1.   Optimise your current state. There is little point in looking for advanced strategies when you have not made the best of your current state. Make an effort to know where you are in terms of exercise, sleep, diet, your skin, energy levels, blood tests, what supplements you take and your mood, Each one of these has so much involved. You can do this yourself or speak with a doctor with a keen interest in wellness. I recommend varied exercise daily, journaling, meditation, deep, refreshing sleep, a balanced diet with intermittent fasting, water, a well thought out skincare routine with great products, and basic vitamins like B-complex and D. For keen wellness enthusiasts, you may invest in equipment for different aspects of your health like whoop bandschilipadsnap pods and many more.

2.   Focused attention on problem areas. When you have optimised your current state, you will find some areas that need particular attention and this is where wellness and aesthetic procedures have a place. The most common are aesthetic and cosmetic procedures like having injections to smoothen out wrinkles on the face and fillers to replace lost fat in the face, chemical peels, laser treatment and liposuction. A light touch from experienced professionals will give you amazing results.

3.   Advanced strategies. This is for people who are determined to live every single day, full of energy and vitality. People who understand that the process of growing older needs active, strategic and focused intervention. We discussed one super supplement NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) which is found in every living cell and whose decline is linked to various ageing-associated diseases and processes. Stage one strategies can boost NAD+ levels and you can then purchase NAD+ supplements which are usually its precursors like NMN ( nicotinamide mononucleotide) and NR (nicotinamide riboside). There are other interventions like photobiomodulation and other supplements like sirtuins, resveratrol.

The possibilities are endless. If you seek, you will find. You deserve a life full of energy, vitality, happiness even in the presence of disease. You are not too young to start your journey today. Feel free to book an initial consultation, you can message Dr Simi™️ on WhatsApp. https://wa.me/message/GKONHCNUJVJLJ1 with me.

Dr Simisola Alabi MBBS MRCGP MSc Health Policy DFSRH DRCOG PgCert Med Ed.

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